Hello, I’m Matteo Pastore, for over 20 years I’ve worked in the world of sports. Through my skills and my network, I offer immediate and effective solutions for companies, clubs, athletes and sports organizations that want to enter or operate in the Sports System.

I was born in Milan and I am 48 years old. I have a five-year-old son and a companion. Sport has always been a “leitmotiv” in my life. I’ve been involved with many sports, and I have always been passionate about all sports, live and televised. My life has been marked by many changes, the majority of which are due to my willingness and inclination to innovate, take chances, try new experiences and constantly keep myself updated. A healthy yearning to learn and to know have always marked my path. I saw the film “Jerry Maguire” when I was young and I have always aspired to work in the world of sports, especially sports marketing.

Professional Experiences

I graduated in Economics at Bocconi University and I achieved a Masters in Social Media Relation. In my experience in sport I have developed skills in marketing, communications, public relations, relations with the media, television rights, sports marketing, sponsorship and education.

from 2016

US Sassuolo

Youth programs consultant

from 2016

Master Group Sport

Marketing, communication and events consultant

from 2016

Gruppo 24 Ore – 24 Ore Eventi

Forum Sport & Business coordinator

from 2015

24 ore Business School

Master Sport Business Management scientific coordinator and professor

from 2014

Consorzio Vero Volley, Monza

Marketing, sales and events consultant

2004 –2014

RCS Sport SpA

Head of external relations and media right

Marketing and commercial director

1999 – 2004

FILA Sport

Global sport marketing director

1997 – 1999


Marketing and communication director

1995 – 1997


Marketing manager

PR & sponsorship manager

1994 – 1995

UMBRO Italia

Product manager football


Head of Marketing – Fila

For four years I was responsible for global sports marketing strategy and managing sponsorship in different fields. From my license in Ferrari and Ducati, to the sponsorships of the Fila Running team, the national track and field team, The Italian Winter Sports Federation, the sponsorships of Schumacher, Soldini, la ForuHill, Capriati, A. Rossi, Tomba. Events included: the 2000 Olympics, US Tennis Open, Fila Forum, and others. It was a complete experience where I traveled the world. The most important results were the Sydney Olympics, where I managed a series of testimonials, in an event which for more than 30 days involved relations with the main stakeholders of FILA. Another success was the negotiation and management of an agreement with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, concluded thanks to consistency, skills and a personal relationship with the President of FISI.

RCS Sport – Head of Media Rights and External Relations

During my experience at RCS Sport, I was responsible for the strategies and the commercial policies related to negotiation and management of agreements pertinent to sports rights on the different media platforms with the major TV stations around the world. In particular, I was able to finalize three strategic renewals with the RAI and foreign broadcast stations, related to the TV rights for the Giro D’Italia , with TV exposure in over 160 countries. As I was responsible for the relationship with the press, I managed the on-line and offline relations as well as athletes, expenses and lifestyle, national and international, with particular attention to social networks and the production of video content. The RCS Sports Division was also involved in other important investments besides the Giro D ’Italia, such as the Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio, FC Internazionale, Serie B soccer, Lega Basket and the Maratona di Milano. Another important financial success was having coordinated the Rugby event at San Siro, between Italy and the All Blacks, transforming the match so that it was not only a sports event but also a tradition, which involved the city of Milan with a sell-out crowd, and which will go down in history.

Marketing, Communication and Events Consultant – Master Group Sport

Master Group Sport, a leader in Sports Marketing in Italy since 1996, has collaborated with the main institutions in organizing the most important sports events, and works alongside companies in the sponsorship world, among which, The Lega Volley Femminile. In 2016 I began to develop a planning and consultation activity in the marketing, media relations and commercial area, (creating partnership formats)

Project Management Consultant – U.S. Sassuolo

In 2016, I started a consultancy project to create a social and educational project, innovative and distinctive with social responsibility for young people, aimed at a growth in sports but not only, through affiliated networks where the know-how methodology of Sassuolo Soccer is important.
It concerns a brand reputation positioning project for Sassuolo, based on strategies related to a technical and athletic point of view as well as marketing.

Chairman of Candidacy’s Comettee for Canoe’s World Championship

In the course of my career, I have developed an important network of contacts with influential people in the sports world, and media visibility has allowed me to be recognized with distinction in different areas, such as the public relations sector, media relations and media rights in the sports sector. I was recognized by the Italian Rowing Federation, which asked me to cover the role as president of the committee that oversees candidates for the 2015 Rowing World Championships, assigned to Italy and France.

Co-general Manager of Sport Business Academy

Springing from an intuition I had, for three years, from 2011, I was responsible for the Sport Business Academy, the only executive course in sport management in collaboration with SDA Bocconi, with a governance made up of the leading authority in the world of sports. In just one year I received many votes of approval from all the operators in sports.

Marketing, Communication and Events of Consorzio Vero Volley

The Consorzio Vero Volley is a reference point and one of excellence for Italian volleyball. It is present in the Milan-Monza-Brianza territory with over 1,500 registered athletes, 2 volleyball clubs, and the only organization with 2 teams – male and female – in major leagues. For over two years I have been working as General Advisor for Marketing, Sales and Events, with a focus on finding sponsors for the group. I developed media and commercial operations with the Chinese market (press conference in Beijing) culminating with the signing of Wang Chen, the first volleyball player to go abroad for the men’s series A league, and a tour of the Serie A1 team the following year. I developed privileged contacts in China with the Beijing Bureau of Sports, the Italian Embassy in Beijing, the Italian China Foundation and the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Scientific Coordinator of Sport Business Management Full Time Master at Sole 24 Ore

Since 2015, the Sole 24 Ore Business School has entrusted me with the scientific coordination of Master Sport Business Management, and that after the success in Rome, starting from October 2015, it has also arrived in Milan with a focus on themes related to Marketing Communication and above all, sports revenue(sponsorships, TV rights, merchandising, ticketing). Since 2016, this assignment has expanded to Rome, developing other formative products as well, such as a part time Master program and the Sport Forum.

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